We're the Atkins Family from Lafayette, Louisiana. Don's been in Louisiana nearly his whole life and in 1985 he rescued Vanita from the wretched prospect of living in Dallas, Texas her whole life. Don and Vanita had a wonderful life on thier own and enjoyed extensive travel and freedom UNTIL: April 18, 1995!! This was the day that we were blessed with Katie Grayce. While she threw a monkey wrench into the freedom enjoyed by the adults, the joy she has provided MORE than makes up for any small sacrifices we have made. She runs our lives now and she's a pretty good boss, although a little demanding. She's old enough now that we are able to travel again and she can actually enjoy things with us. In her 18 years she's been an awful lot of places and it's more fun to take her each and every time. She's now obsessed with Victorian England so plans are in the works to let her see London. SO...We took a trip to Europe and she had a BLAST!!  I'm now hoping that she gets obsessed with Italy!!